800 Mifflin St Philadelphia PA 19148
Rooftop Ceremony & Workshop Reception

Cocktail Attire
Adults Only

Getting There

Driving? There will be limited reserved parking in the lot on 8th + Mifflin Street directly across from BOK

4:00 pm

We’re having a pre-ceremony cocktail hour on the rooftop bar to kick off the party! So, grab a drink and toast to our marriage!

5:00 pm

Ceremony time! Sam’s brother, Michael, will be leading a short ceremony with lots of happy tears — at least on Sam’s end.

5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Post ceremony, we’ll head down to the old school workshop (metal working and more) for dinner, dancing, and a sweet, summertime surprise.



“Go to BOK and be okay!”

– School slogan for BOK, opened in 1938


This venue holds quite a lot of sentimentality for Sam and her family. Both of Sam’s grandparents went to BOK when it was a technical high school. The rooftop used to be the playground — terrifying, we know — and her pop would have studied in the very workshop where the reception will be!

After closing as a school in 2013, BOK has become a home for local businesses, artists, and events, complete with a pair of rooftop bars and an awesome coffee shop.


We can’t wait to celebrate with you!